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March 08, 2005

Sgrena's Car Isn't Swiss Cheese

If Kevin found the right car we know Giuliana Sgrena was full of it when she claimed 300-400 rounds were fired at her. The car would have been Swiss cheese, and Sgrena wouldn't be making any claims because they'd still be cleaning up her bloody mess.

"Photos of Giuliana Sgrena's Car"

UPDATE: The head of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division completed his intitial investigation. Maj. Gen. William G. Webster Jr. determined Sgrena's car was the only one fired upon that night at that checkpoint. An unnamed official told the Washington Times, "Something that car did caused the soldiers to fire." Another problem was Italian secret service didn't communicate well with U.S. forces and traveled in an "inconspicuous pickup truck." The mention of a truck means either La Repubblica reporter Giuseppe D'Avanzo got part of his story wrong or the pictures found by Wizbang aren't Sgrena's car or something happened in the translation of D'Avanzo's story. The third possibility is most likely because ABC News mentions a car.

"Italy Didn't Plan Safe Escape for Hostage"

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The Jawa Report linked with Images of Sgrena's Car