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March 28, 2005

Pearl Volunteers to Leave

UW-Milwaukee loses a good one in Bruce Pearl. The most successful coach in school history took the Tennessee Volunteers job. Who can blame him? His pay goes up to around $1 million from the $275,000 he was making at UWM. How high UWM was willing to go is a question I hope local reporters find out. Tennessee being in the SEC now gives Pearl a chance to recruit top-notch talent. Pearl knows this is his big chance and has given himself the goal of of making the men's basketball program a consistently Top 10 program. That's a high goal in a conference loaded with great teams like Kentucky and Florida. I wish Pearl the best and hope he does better than the other college coach who left a Milwaukee school for Knoxville, Kevin O'Neal. Volunteers fans are already ripping on him.

"Pearl Named New Coach at Tennessee"

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