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May 02, 2005

Retail Rage

I feel Will Collier's pain about stores asking for info a customer doesn't think they need. But I take exception to this:

As for the business about 'We need the phone number before we can let the merchandise leave the store', no offense to James, but that would have sent yours truly into a frothing gimme-my-damn-money-back-and-who's-the-biggest-boss-I-can-yell-at rage. If I'm paying you for something, don't you ever tell me you're going to hold my privacy hostage before I get what I've already paid for.

That's grounds for getting slugged. And I don't care about all that "customer is always right" stuff. No one gets paid enough to put up with a "frothing rage." Firmness is good. Asking questions is also good. Going off the deep end when your rights haven't been violated (all that was asked for was info; the sale wasn't completed yet)? I don't think so.

Now, let me be clear: Best Buy and places that ask for all that personal info are obnoxious. But instead of screaming avoid them. The stress isn't worth. Projecting such anger onto a low-wage salesman isn't kind either.

My how my view of the economy changed after a few years working retail (Barnes & Noble to be exact). I'm glad I don't have to ask obnoxious questions. You wouldn't believe how little someone's hard is appreciated. Quality goods and low prices are great, but few realize how it gets to be that way.


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