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May 03, 2005

The Right to Disappear, Cont.

Here's more reader comments on the right to disappear.

Doug writes:

You have every right, as an adult citizen of this United States, to pack up your bags and go wherever you want without leaving any notice to anyone. What the layperson needs to remember is that the police exist to investigate an incident and determine if a crime occurred. In the Wilbanks scenario, the crime was she told NMPD that she was kidnapped, causing alarm. She did not do so in ATL, her groom-to-be did, and with just cause. The PD in ATL does not need to be reimbursed and the court should dismiss any tort the town might file on summary judgment. If not, then every time we as citizens summon the police for a burglar in our home that turns out to be a raccoon, every time our child accidentally dials 911, we will be sent a bill on top of the taxes we already pay to support the perpetual existence of police services.

Laura runs with the idea you can disappear as long as you leave a note:

All the chick had to do was leave a note saying "I need to go away and think". Is that really so hard? She could buy a bus ticket but she couldn't write a note?

Betty is confusing:

As an adult she definitely has the right to disappear. She is either very stupid or very uncaring - because of the lies she told. She needs to pay the cost of this stupidity, not push it onto the already overburdened taxpayers. Charges need to be filed.

An adult has a right to disappear but Wilbanks should pay for all the police work done. Odd since she only lied to Albuquerque police--deserving only a slap on the wrist. She didn't cause the all the fuss in Georgia. Her family and friends there became justifiably worried and got the local police involved. Then the media got a hold of the story and it exploded. Inconsiderate she was, but she shouldn't be held responsible for wanting to be left alone.

If Wilbanks really wanted to disappear she should have done a little reading first.

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