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May 08, 2005

Dave Winer Reaction

Cox & Forkum with a cartoon (what else?).

Les Jones describing Winer's passive aggression and this quote:

At one point Winer was talking and a guy named Stan Brown was laughing at him. Dave got on his high horse and was hurt and acted like he was going to demand Brown stay after class. What a jerk. I hope video will be available, or some people who weren't there won't believe how bad Winer really was.

Now I remember why I quit reading Winer's blog. There were endless posts about RSS and how it was going in the wrong direction, and endless disclaimers about how we wrote about it for the sake of RSS and not the sake of his ego. Eventually I decided it was all about his ego.

Kevin Howarth organized a set of "shared values" he got out of the discussion. While I embrace all of them it seems many weren't demonstrated at yesterday's conference.

Then there's Winer himself.

We all eagerly await the video. The Political Teen has the goods. [via Glenn Reynolds]

UPDATE: Someone wanted to let bathroom users know how they feel about Dave.

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