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May 09, 2005

Green Wins Straw Poll

Here's a quick thought on the straw poll for the governor's race at this weekend's Wisconsin GOP Convention. Mark Green has a lead over Scott Walker. How much is a little hard to tell. Green's campaign might have just put lots of time and effort into winning the straw poll while Walker's campaign saw the convention for what it was, an off-year event for political diehards. My gut instinct is Walker's support came from Southeast Wisconsin where they've seen him actually coverning in a conservative way. Activists in the rest of the state just haven't seen Walker in action but know Green has been toiling away in the House of Representatives. Walker needs to go out beyond Milwaukee County and tell Republicans that not only can a conservative win an election in that Milwaukee but he has faced the same fiscal problems affecting the Badger State.

"WisPolitics.com: Green, Van Hollen Winners in WisPolitics Straw Poll" [via Boots & Sabers]

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