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May 30, 2005

Lutheran in Name Only

Last year, Rev. Thorkild Grosboell was removed as Danish Lutheran pastor for declaring "there is no heavenly God." He has now revewed his vows and is back in his church.

I'm confused. The AP writes,

On May 20, Grosboell renewed his clerical vows before Lindhardt, but said his views about God remain unchanged.

But the Washington Times writes,
Pastor Thorkild Grosboell repeated his oath and said he did actually believe in God and even signed two documents to that effect, Bishop Jan Lindhardt said.

Then we have the Chicago Tribune reporting,
Rev. Thorkild Grosboell promised he would be faithful to the "apostolic belief" but did not retract comments he made in a 2003 interview in which he said "there is no heavenly God."

It sounds like Rev. Grosboell will just go through the motions to support his flocks' "apostolic belief." What kind of a leader will he be since he doesn't believe what he's preaching? In a post-modern way this makes total sense. Belief is removed from the its occupation. Being a minister is no longer a vocation. It's just a job like any other. By this thinking a Catholic could just as easily be a Danish Lutheran pastor. Heck, even a Muslim could do the job. We wouldn't want to discriminate. Danish Lutheranism is more screwed up than anyone thought.

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