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May 30, 2005

Chavez and Vague War Rhetoric

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was missing for day or so prompting rumors that he was either dead or on the wrong end of a coup. He did appear on television, but Mora at Babalu Blog thinks "this dictator's tottering."

In other Chavez news he ridiculed President Bush by calling him "Mr. Danger" for not arresting and extraditing Luis Posada Carriles. Chavez accused President Bush of "sheltering a terrorist." As I've written before such vague talk about the "global war on terror" lets anti-war opponents and left-wing dictators score political points. Bush continued his rhetorical ambiguity today when he told an audience at Arlington National Cemetery:

As we look across these acres, we begin to tally the cost of our freedom, and we count it a privilege to be citizens of the country served by so many brave men and women. And we must honor them by completing the mission for which they gave their lives, by defeating the terrorists, advancing the cause of liberty, and building a safer world.

"Is Hugo Chavez Dead?" [via Instapundit]

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