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June 18, 2005

Coffee is a Drop in the Bucket

It takes a hell of a lot of gumption for a law school to worry that its students are going into too much debt because of $3 Starbucks coffee. The example the Washington Post uses is Kirsten Daniels. Three years at Seattle University School of Law has put her $115,000 in debt. The director of career services at the law school calculated that Daniels' coffee consumption will cost her over $4000 including interest. While that is serious money it's ignoring the elephant in the room. The coffee is barely 3% of Daniels' debt. I'd think the school would be a lot more concerned with their students' debt by figuring out how to lower tuition, book costs, and fees. Heaven forbid a bastion of higher education try to control costs. Maybe after that they can then complain about students' "frivilous" spending.

"Javanomics 101: Today's Coffee Is Tomorrow's Debt" [via Captain's Quarters]

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