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July 27, 2005

David Clarke: Flake

Thank god David Clarke never became Milwaukee mayor. Sure, the man makes some good conservative statements, but the guy has a lousy management style. It sure looks like Clarke retaliated against Deputy Michael Schuh for his critical comments of the sheriff in a union newsletter. Clarke pretty much admitted it when he told reporters,

One cannot expect, internally, that if they make some criticism against the sheriff that they will never be reassigned, that they will be immune from accountability.

Then there's Schuh's new assignment:
His sweeping list of duties includes collaborating with elected officials to find money for a "comprehensive strategy to restore order."

He is also to remove all abandoned cars from streets, alleys and yards, and identify all landlords and work with the city to bring their properties into code compliance.

Clarke whipped his new plan together last Friday, the same day Schuh's criticism was published. What timing!

Clarke's statements to Charlie Sykes and other talk radio yappers made him a potential political rising star. We're finding out he's just a vindictive blowhard.

"Sheriff Defends Deputy's Move"

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