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July 31, 2005

Return of the Webloggers League

This is a post to my friends who have challenged me the past few year in fantasy football. Again I've started up the Webloggers League to see who can lay claim to being the greatest fantasy football mind in the blogosphere. While the league name will be the same the place we will do battle has changed. Yahoo doesn't have any evening times to do a live draft. But thanks to a free market NFL.com is an alternative. The draft time is 08.22.05 at 8:30 pm EDT. That should give you plenty of time to make proper arrangements. Of course the time isn't locked in stone. A really, really good sob story and some cash under the PayPal rug would help ;-).

Here are the league rules. They don't seem out of the ordinary. Lucky for me I won't be able to mess with them (to my detriment).

There's room for 12 teams. I'm giving priority to those who were in the league last year. If you want to play send me an e-mail (sean--at--this domain name--dot.com) or leave a comment. I'll then get you all the info to join.

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