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July 31, 2005

Repairing Discovery

Here's another post in my continuing rant on why the space shuttle is pointless. Astronauts might have to make repairs on Discovery's heat shield.

A couple of short strips of material dangling from Discovery's belly may require an unprecedented repair by spacewalking astronauts, if engineers determine there's even a possibility that the problem could endanger the shuttle during descent, NASA said Sunday.

Teams of experts were scrambling to understand just how serious the problem was, with heated discussions raging on what to do, if anything.

NASA doesn't have any idea how critical this is. For all they know gap fillers pop out on every mission. Only now are hyper-sensitive engineers looking for anything that slightly increase the risk to the astronauts.

Some wise man in Congress (yes, I'm laughing at that one too) should stand up and declare the shuttle program to be an embarassment and waste of money. No body on Capitol Hill has the guts to do that because they'd then be labled "anti-science" or "anti-space." And it would probably stick even though we know so much human knowledge is being gleaned from people closely studying heat tiles. Wow, I feel like we're getting that much closer to coloninzing Mars.

"Discovery May Need Unprecedented Repair"

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