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August 05, 2005

Blair Wants to Expel Radicals

Tony Blair has forced the U.K. to examine how it deald with Islamist extremists:

Prime Minister Tony Blair proposed strict anti-terror measures Friday that would allow Britain to expel foreigners who preach hatred, close extremist mosques and bar entry to Muslim radicals. "The rules of the game are changing" following last month's bomb attacks, he declared.

The proposals, which also target extremist Web sites and bookshops, are aimed primarily at excluding radical Islamic clerics accused of whipping up hatred and violence among vulnerable, disenfranchised Muslim men.

Some British Muslims are concerned. It's up to the Blair government to focus only on the extremists preaching violence so as to not alienate moderate Muslims who could have a tremendous effect on global Islam. One moderate Muslim has had enough and backs Blair, "Day after day these lunatics on our behalf ... are really messing up our lives here."

"U.K. Institutes New Deportation Measures"

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