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August 10, 2005

Voting Often...Literally

Greg Borowski filed his full story on the Wisconsin GOP's allegations that people voted in more than one city in November 2004. [See my previous post.] The party stated people with similar names and birthdates voted in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison, and Minneapolis. Other than that they didn't say much other than the location of the press conference--in front of a Milwaukee condo--was significant. Borowski reports,

While the party did not release names or addresses, the city lists three voters at the house where the news conference took place: Stuart and Gayle Schenk and their son Joseph, who moved to Chicago last August.

Both Stuart and Gayle Schenk said Joseph did not vote in Milwaukee or request an absentee ballot here. Gayle Schenk said her son is in Chicago studying to join the Franciscan order of the Roman Catholic Church.

"It's a good thing I wasn't home," Stuart Schenk said when he learned of the news conference. "It's amazing how much nerve these people have."

Obviously the GOP didn't want to provoke a libel suit by naming names. Assuming they are accusing Joseph Schenk of voting twice it's possible someone fraudulently voted in Joseph's name in Milwaukee as well as Chicago. The U.S. District attorney said over 100 people voted fraudulently. I wouldn't be shocked if Joseph Schenk was the victim of identity theft. Since Wisconsin has no requirement to show a photo ID before registering I could have registered to vote as him. So, Bill Christofferson is wrong. Voter ID would have helped protect Joseph Schenk's franchise.

"9 May Have Voted in 2 Cities"

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