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August 17, 2005

Cut & Run Russ

Sen. Russ Feingold wants U.S. troops out of Iraq by the end of 2006. Wishful, anti-war thinking, yes. But completely ignorant of the real world and history. Most U.S. troops will leave when President Bush and the Iraqi government think Iraq can defend itself. I'm sure Bush would like nothing more than to pull out thousands of troops, get them rested and restocked, and ready as a nice hefty stick to threaten Iran and/or North Korea. As for history, we invaded Germany and Japan 60 years ago. Guess what? We're still there. I'd hope there'd be American bases in Iraq for years to come. Liberty and representative government in the Middle East will be a long-term process. A permanent American presence would facilitate that.

Feingold really wants to run for President and has given himself plenty of room to wiggle out of his headline grabber:

While Feingold is proposing a deadline for American troop withdrawal, he says it can be a flexible deadline.

"It's a target date," he said. "If we believe we need a little more time we may have to continue [in Iraq].

Feingold outline three possibilities:

"One, we achieve our goals in the timeframe and we are able to bring our troops home. "Two, we make progress but not quite as fast as hoped and we might need flexibility. Or three, things might get much worse and we might decide that we simply can't achieve our goals. But at least a time frame measures how we are doing."

So Feingold wants a deadline to kiss up to the MoveOn.org Bush-bashing anti-war activists while trying to remain realistic. It's a deadline but not really.

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