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August 19, 2005

Uranium Dealers Caught in Turkey

Thank goodness Turkish police caught these guys:

Turkish security forces have seized one third of a pound of medium-grade uranium in Istanbul.

The uranium was captured from two men arrested in Istanbul and it amounted to 173 grams or 6.102 ounces. Authorities fear the dangerous substance smuggled from Russia could have landed in the hands of terrorists, Turkey's Anatolia news agency said.

Two people who were planning to sell the substance in a glass bottle for $7 million were detained. The detainees said that they had smuggled the substance from Russia, the news agency and Mos News in Moscow reported.

I have no idea how much uranium is needed to make a simple nuke or if there was enough of the proper isotope in the goons' glass bottle (what about radiation poisoning?), but this could have been used to make a dirty nuke creating a lot of fear.

"Russian Uranium Seized in Turkey" [via In the Bullpen]

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