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September 07, 2005

Weather Control

Anarchist-libertarian professor and New Orleans resident Walter Block doesn't want you to donate to the Red Cross. Fine, there's plenty of other charities who are doing good in the disaster areas. However, Block prefers you donate to the Libertarian Parties of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama as well as give to the Mises Institute. I like the Mises Institute as much as any good Austrian-sympathizing economist, but Anarchy Lew Rockwell for sure won't use the funds to feed and clothe the needy. His work promoting free enterprise is important, but there is a time and a place. Just when I think a paleo can't get any stranger Block then thinks the government is getting in the way of private firms finding ways to control the weather:

The point is, if we the people had vastly more money at our disposal than we do now, thanks to government profligacy with our funds, we would be able to donate some of it to the not-for-profit sector to engage in research and development for weather control.

Someone was drinking too much absinthe before evacuating the Big Easy.

"Then Katrina Came"

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