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September 24, 2005

Cindy's Radical, Anti-War Friends


On this weekend's anti-war protests, James Joyner writes,

The organizers are mostly from the radical, America-hating fringe while the overwhelming majority of the crowd are surely either hippie wannabes or honorable citizens simply gathering in peaceful protest against a very controversial war. One wonders, though, how the Post would cover a pro-war event sponsored by similarly radical groups?

Indeed, as best as I can tell, the Post hasn't even bothered to cover the Support the Troops counter-protest, which has none of that taint.

Stop the Bleating! and Chris Hall both dig into the background of one "novice" anti-war protester.

Go support the troops and oppose Cindy Sheehan and her radicalism.

"Antiwar Rally Sponsored by Radical Groups"

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