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October 03, 2005

Horrific Video

Islamists strike Bali again. I hope this video is the closest you ever get to a bombing. It was taken by Australian tourist on vacation in Bali. 26 died and 101 were injured.

Indonesian police believe the suicide bombs were set off with mobile phones. Once again terrorists use our own technology against us. Funny, since they want to take us back in time to the days of Islamic empire. The technique was also good. It was simultaneous explosions. They were staggered, making them more terrifying. Scared people didn't know if there would be another then another. Multiple, smaller bombs seems to be the new pattern for Jemaah Islamiyah, the Islamist group suspected to be behind the attacks.

I wonder if some device and method could be developed to temporarily shut down cell networks in an area. That way only simultaneous detonations could happen. It wouldn't prevent deaths from the bombs themselves but it could prevent greater panic from a series of explosions.

This attack came at a time when Bali was recovering from the 2002 attack. Ron Nurwisah writes,

Last year, I had a chance to go to Bali. It was about a year and a bit after the first Bali bombings and everyone I talked to was optimistic that maybe everything was coming back to normal. Australians, who made up most of the victims of the first bombing, were already back in full force. Americans and Europeans were slowly, cautiously coming back.

This weblogger found good words from a muslim scholar rejecting the attacks. Sheik Yusuf Al-Qardawi said, "those people [terrorists] hurt Islam and Muslims with the wrong behavior they do; as the threat they pose to Islam is much more than that of the enemies of Islam who fight it tooth and nail, both in darkness and broad daylight"

What we do know is the Islamist War goes beyond Iraq and Afghanistan. It's more than just invading countries. It involves intelligence, technology, ideology, persuasion, ingenuity, and courage.

"Chilling Video Shows Bali Bombing Suspect"

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