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October 27, 2005

Miers Withdraws

No more Harriet Miers to kick around:

Under withering attack from conservatives, President Bush ended his push to put loyalist Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court Thursday and promised a quick replacement. Democrats accused him of bowing to the "radical right wing of the Republican Party."

The White House said Miers had withdrawn her name because of a bipartisan effort in Congress to gain access to internal documents related to her role as counsel to the president. But politics played a larger role: Bush's conservative backers had doubts about her ideological purity, and Democrats had little incentive to help the nominee or the embattled GOP president.

No comments until I get back from the bookstore tonight. I can say Charles Krauthammer got the exit strategy right.

"Miers Withdraws Under Mounting Criticism"

UPDATE: The name game for a replacement has already started. Diane Sykes' name is again floating around.

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