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November 11, 2005

DRM Craziness

Last week, the news that Sony was putting digital right management software silently on people's computers marked a new low in companies trying to protect their content from pirates and free-loaders. They have lost the trust of many customers including me. The next time I consider buying a Sony CD I'll be looking at all the fine print to see if it says there's any DRM on it. Believing the packaging won't guarantee nothing bad will happen when I try to rip the songs to put them on my iPod. Sony's nafarious, potentially-crippling software demonstrates that.

The most vicious creature created by modern capitalism has now been unleashed upon Sony. Lawyers have filed suit in Italy. More are sure to sink their teeth into Sony's hide.

To say CNET's Molly Wood should get a grip is an understatement. With the vitriol she unleashed you'd think Islamists terrorists blew up her family. Molly, it's just music, computers, and gadgets. Sony's allowed to be total morons. If they want to implement highly-restrictive DRM that locks down their music too tightly so be it. What Sony can't be allowed to do is sneak a program unbeknownst to consumers.

Sony is in a whole heap of trouble when non-techies like Hugh Hewitt get bombarded with calls and e-mail on this story.

Today, after learning a cracker used Sony's root kit to put a virus on user's computers the company stopped making protected CDs. Once they find a different DRM method they'll start again. That I have no problem with. If Sony wants to make a lousy product it's their right. I'll choose not to buy what they're selling.

"DRM this, Sony!"

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