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November 08, 2005

Owens on the Packers

Since GM Ted Thompson is prevented by NFL rules from commenting on acquiring players on another team the Journal Sentinel asked a few Packers if Owens should become a Packer. Al Harris would pretty much kiss his ass:

"I would welcome him with open arms," cornerback Al Harris said. "I would drive to the airport, pick him up, take him to his room and pick him up for practice the next day. I think he would give us all kinds of hell. I think he'd probably sit here in his locker and not talk to anybody.

Grey Ruegamer think he'd be bad news:
He may be one of the greatest receivers in the NFL currently, but he does more to disrupt the locker room because he's all about me. Guys respect his talent but they don't respect the 2-year-old antics that go with it.

It isn't going to happen. It can't happen. Owens on the Packers means they'll lose their shot at the #1 draft pick and USC's Reggie Bush. Then they're a couple free agents from one last Super Bowl run for Favre.

"Time for a T.O.?"

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