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November 08, 2005

Just Why Were They Down There?

Let's add this speculation to the the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders story:

As you would probably expect, we’re getting all kinds of tips and info about the two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders who sis-boom-bahhed each other over the weekend, and we’ve even got some people on the inside whispering in our ear.

And you know what they’re saying? We keep hearing rumblings that these cheerleaders weren’t just in Tampa by accident — remember, they don’t actually cheer during road games — and that they might be cheering on not only each other, but also some of the Buccaneers players as well.

Let’s see: Lesbian cheerleaders willing to pleasure one another in a public bathroom. Why in the world would a professional athlete have any interest in that? And how in the world did these two end up not cheering for the Vikings?

One wonders.

"Smells Like Team Spirit in Carolina"

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