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November 10, 2005

Sacramento Jerks

The Sacramento Kings want to rev up their fans before games by sticking it to the opposing team's city. First victim was Detroit:

As the Pistons were introduced, pictures of burned-out cars, abandoned buildings and empty streets were flashed on ARCO Arena's big screen.

It didn't go unnoticed.

Coach Flip Saunders said it made him mad. Assistant coach Don Zierden called it inappropriate. After the game, the players -- many of whom didn't notice the images when they were shown -- were angry when they were told what had happened.

The organization plans on ripping on every NBA city this season. Real professional. Call David Stern. It's good for the league's image to have players avoiding hip-hop slob chic but the Kings can blast whole cities? When the Bucks come to down will there be video of fat drunks feasting on brats and cheese?

There was justice. The Pistons stuck it to the Kings, winning 102-88.

"Pistons are Insulted by Sacramento" [via Deadspin]

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