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November 15, 2005

Wauwatosa Wimp Gives into Race-Baiting

If you're a black man who gets arrested for disorderly conduct by while policemen all you have to do is organize a protest and scream racism. It doesn't matter if you have a track record of calling cops "faggots," threatening to bitch slap a gay legislator, and lets supporters hold racist, "cracker" signs.

Michael McGee acted in an anti-social manner and turned it into a Jesse Jackson shakedown. McGee is a jerk, but he's brilliant. He ending up getting hugged by Wawatosa Mayor Theresa Estness and gets a seat at the table on a race taskforce. Pretty good for sitting in a parking lot late and night then screaming at some scared Blockbuster employees, at least on who happened to be black.

Jessica McBride notes that other Milwaukee personalities couldn't get away with this:

Give me a break. I don't remember the mayor of Milwaukee hugging Mark Belling and calling a task force after his situation. If Scott Walker did this or even Tom Barrett or, God forbid, my husband, the mayor of Wauwatosa wouldn't be meeting with them and hugging them and calling task forces. They'd be ruined.

Shelby Steele has written,

Whites and blacks often play the "other" for each other in this way, each race seeking a bit of redemption and power in the other's shame. And both races live with the permanent anxiety of being held to account for their shames by the other race. So, there is a reflex in both races that reaches for narratives to explain shame away and, thus, disarm the "other."

Mayor Estness' white shame and lack of a backbone let the racist, homophobe Michael McGee become the victim...and the winner.

"Task Force Promised"

"Tosa Mayor Caves"


"Tosa Cops Get No Support from Their Mayor"

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