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November 17, 2005

Ex-DH Actor Defends Himself

Last Sunday's Desparate Housewives finally got the second season revved up (tossing Gabrielle down the steps does that), but stuff going on outside the show is more juicy. Page Kennedy who played Caleb, a murderer locked in a basement, was taken off the show and replaced with another actor. Kennedy says the show's producer Touchstone "decided to go in a different direction, and they bought out my contract." Touchstone's official line is Kennedy was fired for "improper conduct." The National Inquirer claims Kennedy flashed two female co-workers. Neither were my obsession Teri Hatcher. Kennedy denies it and is working on clearing his name.

The challenge I have right now is trying to get the truth out as aggressively as they got the rumors out. That's the problem. If the truth isn't as juicy as the rumors, who cares?

He could always start a weblog.

"'Housewives' Actor Denies Rumors"

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