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November 19, 2005

More OSM Criticism

From Hog on Ice:

I made fun of OSM for failing to register their own domain name (back in the PJM days), "pajamamedia.com." That wasn't a booboo. That wasn't a slip. That was a monumental screwup worthy of monkeys. It was unbelievably stupid and irresponsible. In a real company, doing something that dumb would be a firing offense.

When I started Huffington's Toast, the FIRST thing I did, before I wrote a word, was to check the availability of the domain. Then I registered it. Then I bought huffingtontoast.com, without the "S," just in case people typed the domain name wrong. And I redirected it to huffingtonstoast.com.

Now, let me remind you. I'm not an embryonic media giant like PJM. I'm a forgetful, disorganized goof who was legendary at Blockbuster for failing to return videos on time. I've been on Ritalin, Cylert, Wellbutrin, Prozac, and even massive doses of coffee, and I'm STILL absent-minded. BUT I'M NOT A BIG ENOUGH DUMBASS TO FORGET TO REGISTER A DOMAIN.

I made fun of OSM for failing to register their first domain name, and then I made fun of them for failing to register their SECOND domain name, "opensourcemedia.com." That, I thought, was proof that this operation was basically a tail-chasing contest that would end in ruin.

Then a reader corrected me. It turned out "opensourcemedia.com" belonged to OSM's lawyer. So they got it right, right? I thought so. I posted an erratum. Well guess what? They got the domain name, but they didn't get the COMPANY NAME. Jeff Jarvis has the story. It almost hurts to read it.

I'm going to go to thesaurus.com and look for a word stronger than "stupid." Sometimes people say they're "at a loss for words," and then they come up with words anyway. I can't. "Stupid" seems so kind in this context. I don't know what to say.

Moxie does Pajama Club redux.

I don't want to be completely negative. If someone found a positive post on why OSM/Open Source Media will be a success let me know so I can link to it.

UPDATE: It's getting bad for OSM/Open Source Media when the CEO's wife has to quasi-anonymously defend him.

UPDATE II: Dean Esmay, OSM contributor, is returning fire to critics in his comments. Also, here's an earlier post by Dean.

I wish no ill will on Dean and the other OSM contributors. Making money is a beautiful thing. I hope this new start-up works out. However, I call things like I see them.

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