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November 21, 2005

Charlie's Show Prep #1

Charlie Sykes is a busy man with his radio show, tv show, and writing gigs. It's time to give him a hand. Here are some stories I think will be good fodder for this morning's show*:

  • Sen. Joe Biden, who is running for President in 2008, will do "whatever they can to keep" Judge Alito off the court. Can you say, "?" Last week, said this would happen.
  • School officials at Bay View High School are walking around the neighborhood making sure kids are in class. Some local businesses are miffed.
  • The Midwest in general and Wisconsin in particular aren't noted for growing high-tech industries. The Chicago Fed sees more talking and networking as the answer. How about fixing Wisconsin's tax and regulatory policies? GOP legislators are on the right track with their ideas.
  • The Washington Post documents one family's . Nothing like the American version. This should wipe the smug grin off an arrogant Frenchman.
  • In China . Symbolic in a nation that doesn't respect religious freedom.
  • Add Sony to the list of big names taken down by webloggers.

UPDATE: Bryan Preston compares with Reagan's "Tear down this wall!" speech.

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