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November 22, 2005

Not A Crazy Idea

About the idea of bombing al-Jazeera, whether the report is true or not, it is not as absurd as Bush bashers would want you to believe. Journalists don't have the protection groups like the Red Cross or Red Crescent have. Aiding the enemy makes one a military target. If al-Jazeera is helping the Islamists in Iraq kill our troops and destablizing Iraq then they're fair game. Back in 2003 an al-Jazeera reporter was "Spain as a member of al Qaeda." They are not at all like CNN, CBS, or Fox News.

One would think the anti-war Left would be furious with al-Jazeera. Their actions are helping more of our brave men and women get killed. But in their world only the U.S. can do wrong in Iraq. The Islamists and al-Jazeera are just the effect of an arrogant, bullying, cowboy President.

If Bush thought al-Jazeera was aiding the enemy then they're a legitimate target. Flying over Qatar and dropping bombs doesn't seem like the most sensible method of knocking off a television network. Black ops would be more subtle.

Another point, since President Bush is human many ideas pop into his mind. All of us have some "interesting" ideas (like say, building a commercial company out of a weblog portal) that are more thinking out loud than anything. Some ideas are more sensible than others. He may have spouted out something like dropping a nuke on Fallujah to really send a signal to the Islamists. Would that make him a warmonger? No. Like the rest of us he must be judged on his actions. Al-Jazeera still stands. Which means he took the advice of Tony Blair and others and considered the consequences of his actions.

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