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November 25, 2005

Who is Dean Giving Thanks to?

, M.D.'s Thanksgiving statement is short so I'll quote it in full:

Today Americans across the country gather together with their families and loved ones to celebrate the tradition of Thanksgiving and to give thanks for the many blessings and gifts we have received throughout the year. As a nation, we also join together in sending our thoughts and prayers to our troops and their families, as we express our thanks for their brave service and the sacrifices they continue to make on our behalf.

As we give thanks, today is also a day to remember those who are less fortunate. In the aftermath of the recent hurricanes, we saw and continue to see tremendous acts of courage and heroism, of people coming together, opening their hearts and reaching out to help one another. That is our American community at its best. Today is also an opportunity for each one of us to reflect and to renew our commitment to helping those who are in need in whatever way we can.

Today, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we also celebrate our nation's diversity along with the belief that every American has the right to freedom, opportunity, and a chance to achieve the American Dream. On this day my family and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season.

Notice anything missing? Here are some portions from President Bush's Thanksgiving proclamation (emphasis mine):
We give thanks for the love of family and friends, and we ask God to continue to watch over America.


We ask God's special blessings on those who have lost loved ones in the line of duty.


May God bless and guide the United States of America as we move forward.

Dr. Dean doesn't mention God once. A 2003 Harris Interactive poll found 90% of Americans believed in God. A Newsweek poll last year found 82% believed Jesus Christ was the Son of God. Belief in God is ingrained in the American psyche. Earlier this year, Dr. Dean told Democrats, "We are definitely going to do religious outreach. Even in my campaign I was interested in reaching out to evangelicals." He's fumbled this pledge just like his Presidential campaign. Only without an embarassing .

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