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November 30, 2005

Charlie's Show Prep #6

Here are some stories Charlie Sykes should talk about on his show today:

  • ticket prices will go up. Any effect on attendence will depend on what acts come. $15 is still a great value.
  • might be the wave of the future for business.
  • The , IL airport threw "Chicago" into its new name to draw passengers from the crowded O'Hare.
  • Liberal groups are having trouble getting solid support in stopping nomination.
  • Did Senate Minority Leader let out secret information about Osama bin Laden's demise? [via Betsy's Blog]
  • The Iranian president goes all Pat Robertson and thinks a light surrounded him when he spoke before the U.N. last September.
  • Sen. defends her Iraq War vote.

Posted by Sean Hackbarth in Wisconsin at 12:57 AM | Comments (4)