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December 06, 2005

Students, Be Careful About Your Weblogs

Students at Marquette University better be very careful about what they write about campus life, fellow students, and professors. Post the wrong stuff on your weblog and you could be suspended like one dentistry student:

One day, the 22-year-old reported being “full and buzzin’ a little bit from the booze” — one of several blog entries involving his experiences with alcohol.

A few months later, he labeled an anonymous professor a “cockmaster of a teacher” because he didn’t like his teaching style. “I don’t even gratify him by calling him a professor,” said the student. “He is one who teaches, as in should teach infants and children.”

And in one entry, the dentistry student wrote about his classmates, “I don’t know how I am gonna manage [being with] the same 80 people for the next 3 years, especially when 20 of them have the intellect/maturity of a 3 year old, or are just a plain pain in the ass.”


On Friday, the [Student-Faculty Review] committee found the student guilty of professional misconduct in violation of the dental school’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Section IV, Subsection E of the code in the school’s handbook states: “Each member of the MUSoD community is obligated to conduct interactions with each other, with patients and with others in a manner that promotes understanding and trust. Actions, which in any way discriminate against or favor any group or are harassing in nature, are condemned. Respect for the diverse members of the MUSoD student body, administrators, faculty, staff and patient base is expected.”

The committee’s decision states, in part: “You are suspended from the School of Dentistry, effective immediately. You will remain suspended from the School of Dentistry until the 2006 Fall Semester. At that time, [you] will be allowed to resume your matriculation and will be required to repeat the second year of the predoctoral program in its entirety.”

It also requires that the student remain on probation until graduation, get counseling for “behavioral issues,” and make a public apology to his class by the end of the fall semester. “That apology must explicitly state your contrition for the crude, demeaning and unprofessional remarks posted by you on your blog site and an admission that you violated the School of Dentistry’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct,” according to the committee’s decision. In addition, the punishment indicates that the student must repay the university a scholarship he received of $5,000.

MU professor first wrote about the story on Sunday. Just about all his posts on Marquette Warrior since then have been about the university's ridiculous decision.

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