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January 03, 2006

Abramoff Plea Bargans

The Jack Abramoff has the potential to deliver a sledgehammer blow the Congressional Republicans. He may have worked (and I'm using that term lightly) with Democrats, but his history is with the GOP. Now that he's pled guilty to fraud charges and will cooperate with prosecutors. I haven't read much on what he's been up to, but Abramoff's activities eerily resemble the pay-to-play scandals that are surrounding Gov. Jim Doyle and put Chuck Chvala in jail.

Damage will be done to the Republicans if the corruption is extensive. That means either a lot of Congressmen and/or Senators traded votes for campaign contributions and/or gifts, or a few leaders get caught. Until today, I've never heard of House Administration Committee chairman Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), so if he goes to trial it doesn't hurt the GOP too much. Tom DeLay doesn't hurt either because he's no longer in leadership and doesn't look to return. Now, if more important committee chairman, Majority Leaders, or even House Speaker Dennis Hasstert then the Democrats can (correctly) label the GOP the "Party of Corruption." Big ideas won't be the talk on the campaign trail. Instead "character," "integrity," and "gotcha-journalism" will reign throughout this year's Congressional elections.

Around the 'sphere, The Political Teen caught calling Abramoff "satan." John Matthews at NewsBusters noticed the NY Times "forgot" Abramoff lobbied Democrats including Senators Tom Daschle and Harry Reid. Mustang Bobby hands the whole scandal to the GOP: "No, this baby is all theirs." Augustine at RedState divides Republicans into the "Do as you're told" kind and the "Do what's right."

"Abramoff Pleads Guilty, will Cooperate"

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