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February 04, 2006

Listen to Peggy Noonan in First TAM Podcast

Behold! I give you the first episode of Speak, TAM's podcast. I got comfortable using Audacity and even added ID3 tags to the mp3 file. It's a long show, 1:23, but that's because I didn't edit any of Noonan's remarks and didn't play with the bit rate enough. The sound quality is pretty good even though I only used an iRiver iFP-780 to record it.

The real bear was hosting. I tried uploading the big file (33 mb) to OurMedia with no success. It would be simpler if I could just FTP to my account. Instead, I'm taking a bandwidth risk and putting the first show on my web server. I should be safe since only a handful of people will download the show.

Here's the RSS feed: http://www.theamericanmind.com/podcast/rss.xml

Here's the URL for the mp3 if you just want to download it: http://www.theamericanmind.com/podcast/speak001_02_03_2006.mp3

I went to all this trouble because I want to podcast from CPAC next week, and for once I'm preparing ahead of time. The RSS feed should stay the same while I look into some podcast hosting solutions like Libsyn. Of course with links in the RRS feed you shouldn't care where episodes of Speak are located.

Please leave feedback. Tell me if you had trouble downloading the show or hearing the show. (It worked for me using iTunes.) I also want to know if you liked listening to the talk and respond to what Noonan said. I may hunt for future speeches to record. Leave a comment in this post or e-mail me at sean--at--theamericanmind--dot--com.

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