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February 11, 2006

Reaction to Ann

Staff breaking down the exhibition hall kicked me out. Then they proceded to take a break. Gotta love those unions.

Anyway, here are some replies to the blizzard of comments people left on my post "ragging" on Ann Coulter:

  • To afshin who called me a "humorless pussy:" I'd laugh if Coulter said something funny. I didn't know "real men" liked to laugh at offensive racial slurs. I do giggle when she pushes back her hair over and over and over and over and over.

  • Brian writes, "I also believe that Ann doesn't give a hoot about offending the sensibilities of Muslim terrorists and their supporters." I don't care about the feelings of Islamists either. What I do care about is treating civilized people with respect. Tossing around ethnic slurs doesn't do that.

  • Lee wonders why I didn't castigate those who tell bigotted Catholic jokes. If I heard Ann Coulter or any movement conservative toss around ethnic slurs against Catholics I'd rip on them.

  • Larry Knudson thinks I should simply write Ms. Coulter a note politely asking her to refrain from calling Muslims "ragheads." Well, if she'd read my note and seriously take my thoughts to heart I'd consider it, but I know full well toning down her schtick won't help Brand Ann.

To sum it up: I don't resort to the same rhetoric of my uncivilized opponents... and Islamist terrorists.

One funny, funny (yes, I do have a sense of humor) response came from Robert McClelland:

Ah, dear Ann Coulter. She reminds me of an aging porn star who, as her beauty fades, must resort to increasingly depraved sexual acts in order to turn a buck.

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