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February 15, 2006

The "Raghead" Saga Continues

Talking about Ann "Raghead" Coulter is almost boring, but reaction is still coming in:

  • Tom Bevan points out that Coulter's remarks pale to AlGore's overseas America-bashing. Ann only stained those that applauded at CPAC as well as those that continue to send me comments and e-mail defending her or write posts like this. AlGore insulted the very nation he wanted to lead. Talk about a sore loser. [via Michelle Malkin]

  • Ace thinks "she needs an intervention." He can go right ahead. I'm not touching her. I don't know where those scrawny legs have been wrapped around.

  • Glenn Reynolds scratched his head when he received e-mails demanding he mention Coulter when, in fact, he did.

  • Ms. Coulter made a bad impression on one UK conservative. He called her the "unacceptable face of American conservatism."

  • Kevin @ EckerNet.Com declares Coulter "The Right's Howard Dean." At least we're not dumb enough to put her in charge of the Republicans.

  • Donald Sensing: "Ann Coulter is the only person I know of who can make Pat Buchanan sound moderate. I have no hope that she’ll just shut up, but I wish she would." To dream, to dream.

  • The American Spectator's David Hogberg went so far as to write, "This year she ruined an otherwise great event." [via Right Wing News]

  • Mark Kilmer writes, "If you seek a serious conservatism, stay far away from Coulter and other clowns who’ve adorned themselves with the label...." Yes, but I'll call her out when she tars the conservative movement I'm proud to be a part of.

  • TMLutas praises TAM for "restraining your own nutters." I'll take it, but I call 'em like I see 'em. It wasn't me protecting the conservative movement as much as me railing on someone uses ethnic slurs just to get a rise out of people. Ann Coulter is treated like a rock star among many conservatives. She doesn't deserve such fame.

  • Josh Cohen: "And really, you’re not that attractive, no matter what the mainstream conservatives say."

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