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February 16, 2006

Cheney's Replacement

The idea that Vice President Cheney would resign or be booted from the administration over a hunting accident is crazy. I don't care if a smart person like Virginia Postrel thinks that way. So I'm going to pretty much ignore the talk even though I'm amazed at how the story moved from "Cheney accidentally shoots a man" to "Cheney must go."

Still there is something interesting. Jim Geraghty wonders who would replace Cheney if he were to resign. With that decision President Bush could immediately sort out who had the inside track to the GOP nomination in 2004. It would also give a strong hint of what he wants his legacy to be. If Bush picked Rudy Giuliani it would mean fighting the Islamists and terrorism. If Sen. Sam Brownback were picked it would mean social conservatism would be what he'd want to be remembered for.

Here are some interesting choices:

  • John Bolton: Bush would stick it to Senate Democrats who refused to even call a vote on his nomination as U.N. ambassador. It would also signal the administration's strong desire for U.N. reform.

  • John Snow: The invisible Treasury Secretary might (big MIGHT) use is new pulpit to push for permanent tax cuts and tax reform.

  • Tommy Thompson: This choice would signal the administration's focus on health care. That includes Medicare and Medicaid reform, stem cell research, and another push for banning partial-birth abortion.

"Peggy Noonan's Fun Thought Exercise: Who Would Replace Cheney?"

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