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March 02, 2006

Charlie Went Too Far

State Senator Tom Reynolds reiterated on Charlie Sykes' show that he wants his amendment put into the school choice compromise. He drafted it and sent it off to Governor Doyle's office to see if he'd sign the bill with it. Expect Doyle to reject the amendment. He'd love nothing more than to claim he tried to fix the problem and blame it on the Republicans. Reynolds is falling into this trap.

Reynolds has not backed down from voting against the compromise unless it's dirtied up with his amendment.

Then Sykes tried a little guilt-by-association to browbeat Reynolds into voting for the bill. He questioned him about a Pastor Ovadal who has anti-Catholic views. Reynolds prints a homosexual pamphlet for the man.

Reynolds sounded quite surprised, and countered by asking if a lawyer opponent would be considered a supporter of pedophilia if she was hired by a child abuser. He right. Every view of Reynolds' customers isn't his responsiblity. He only has control over what he does. If Sykes wants to paint Reynolds as anti-Catholic he needs to offer evidence and not resort to a cheap shot.

Reynolds isn't getting off the hook. If the school choice bill falls because Reynolds votes against it I will oppose him for re-election.

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Posted by Sean Hackbarth in Wisconsin at 09:34 AM | Comments (15)