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March 03, 2006

UAE Helping to Secure American Ports

Edward Walker, president of the Middle East Institute, writes,

More to the point, by the time a container has entered one of our ports and been off-loaded for further processing, it is probably too late to avert a nuclear or biological attack. Ports are located in major metropolitan areas where the effects of such an attack, even if centered in the port area, would have devastating consequences. The Container Security Initiative is the critical piece in the port security puzzle.

The UAE was the first Middle Eastern state to join this US-sponsored initiative. Under its provisions, customs and border protection officers are permanently located in UAE ports to inspect containers before shipment to the United States. The UAE was also the first Middle Eastern state to join the Energy Department's Megaports Initiative, designed to stop illicit shipments of nuclear and other radioactive material. In short, we already depend on the cooperation of the UAE and its management company to ensure the security of US ports, regardless of this proposed contract.

After doing so much to make U.S. ports safer would a UAE-owned company, Dubai Ports World, turn around and open big security holes? Only a stubborn, knee-jerk thinker who's scared of anything Arab or Muslim would think so.

By the way, I'm still waiting for some evidence that DPW and the UAE are big threats to national security. I'm still willing to be convinced there's a problem.

"Reneging on the Port Deal Would Be a Blow to US Interests"

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