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March 08, 2006

Congressional Morons

A lot of right-wing people aren't happy with the President. I agree with many of their complaints. As for me I'm ticked off at Congressional Republicans who like to demogogue the Dubai Ports World deal. The biggest bozo is Rep. Jerry Lewis (how fitting):

"This is a national security issue," said Rep. Jerry Lewis, the chairman of the House panel, adding that the legislation would "keep America's ports in American hands."

Rep. Lewis needs better staff or gentle smack to the back of his head. DPW is buying a British company. If the deal is stopped the British company will still be handling loading and unloading at many U.S. ports. Also, in no way does the DPW deal hand over ports to anyone. Ports are owned by local governments. U.S. ports would never be in Dubai's (or any other nation's) hands.

Glenn Reynolds isn't pleased either.

"GOP House Panel Votes to Block Ports Deal"

UPDATE: If Rep. Lewis were smart (and judging my his quote above he isn't) he'd have Larry Johnson testify about security deficiencies at DPW-run ports. This is the first serious piece of evidence against the ports deal.

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