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March 10, 2006

Isn't He Already

A lawyer in La Crosse is arguing that his 13-year-old client should not be convicted as an adult for a crime he committed because,

...he likely would come back from prison as a sociopath or psychopath, the teenís counselor told a judge Wednesday.

Testifying at a hearing on whether the case should remain in adult court, Norbert Laufen-berg said sending Haessly to prison ó where he would face the possibility of physical or sexual abuse ó would make him a greater threat to society.

His crime? He murdered his mother by choking her when she took away a "squeaky dog toy" from him.

Isn't he already a sociopath or a psychopath? Seems like it.

According to the ADA in La Crosse county,

Adequate treatment is available in adult institutions, and the maximum three years of incarceration and two years of supervision in the juvenile system would not be appropriate punishment...

But this lax sentence is not enough for this kid's counselor. For the crime of strangling and killing his mother,

neither adult nor juvenile corrections would work. Instead, the state needs to find the teen a stable foster home where he can get consistent counseling, he said.


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