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March 11, 2006

The Living Dead That is Ethanol

Ethanol is turning into a political zombie. It was just killed by the state senate, but it just won't die:

[State Senator] Dave Zien is requesting an extraordinary legislative session from Gov. Jim Doyle when the Senate reconvenes in late April to investigate gas prices and revive legislation on ethanol and minimum fuel markups.

He blames the "power of conservative talk radio." (What, no mention of weblogs? Darn, we have to be like Avis and "try harder.") No, he blames an informed and activated public, including his small-government base.

In the elections this fall much of the focus will be on the governor's race. We can't forget to ask state legislative candidates their stance on an ethanol mandate. It shouldn't be the issue that makes for breaks an candidate, but it could be a sign of how small-government they are.

"Zien to Work to Re-Introduce Ethanol Mandate"

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