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March 21, 2006

Dreaming and Polygamy

Ann Althouse has some questions about Sunday's episode of The Sopranos and Big Love. My concern is Tony's dream will go on and on. I liked the occasional episode where Tony dreams and it's filled with other characters and symbolism. In this dream the only familiar character is Carmela's voice. I don't want this to go on much longer. They should either wake him up or kill him--which they better not do. We need to get started with the mob war. From the preview for next Sunday's episode we see some of that. But without Tony playing his games and strategizing it won't be the same.

One more thing, I don't care if it's HBO, I don't want to see Tony's wound. Yuck!

I decided to watch an episode of Big Love to see if I'd like it. There's potential there. I immediately had a crush on wife #1, Barb. There's some interesting elements dealing with why Bill's religous beliefs require him to have multiple wives. Along with the voyerism is the mystery of Bill's past on a Mormon compound. Unfortunately that part feels like a Utah version of The Sopranos. Besides the curiosity of how a household can handle three wives I don't find much there to keep me watching Big Love.

"Questions after watching last night's Sopranos and Big Love."

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