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March 31, 2006

Waiting on Judgement

Hooray to Jim Geraghty for not jumping on the "Jill Carroll must be crazy" bandwagon. A downside to the instant news and analysis the internet and blogosphere provide is many feel they must comment on an event ASAP. Geraghty writes,

My instinct is to lay off for a bit. If she comes out in a few weeks making the same comments and appears to be defending her abductors, then sheíll be fair game for criticism. But for now, Iím willing to chalk up the pre-release tape to duress and the strange comments in the immediate hours and days after her release to stress and trauma.

There's a time and a place for everything. Just because you can offer your opinion instantly doesn't mean you should.

"Hold Off on Judging Jill Carroll -- For Now"

UPDATE: This explains Carroll's remarks:

The night before journalist Jill Carroll's release, her captors said they had one final demand as the price of her freedom: She would have to make a video praising her captors and attacking the United States, according to Jim Carroll.
In a long phone conversation with his daughter on Friday, Mr. Carroll says that Jill was "under her captor's control."

Ms. Carroll had been their captive for three months and even the smallest details of her life - what she ate and when, what she wore, when she could speak - were at her captors' whim. They had murdered her friend and colleague Allan Enwiya, "she had been taught to fear them," he says. And before making one last video the day before her release, she was told that they had already killed another American hostage.

That video appeared Thursday on a jihadist website that carries videos of beheadings and attacks on American forces. In it, Carroll told her father she felt compelled to make statements strongly critical of President Bush and his policy in Iraq.

That's good enough for Captain Ed who wonders why many forgot the enemy uses prisoners for propaganda. They forgot because wanted to offer instant analysis and appear to be on top of the story. They sided with speed instead of truth which travels at her own pace. We amateurs who are still cutting our teeth in this new wide-open media world have to always keep that in the backs of our minds.

"Jill Carroll Forced to Make Propaganda Video as Price of Freedom"

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