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April 03, 2006

John Dean's Own Words

There's discussion about John Dean's testimony last week on Feingold's censure resolution. Want something a little more than me calling Dean a "moonbat?" Ok, here's Power Line's John Hinderaker.

Want Dean's own words? Then we have his thoughts three days after the Sep. 11 attacks. He thought positively of preemptive attack and retaliation for a attempt on a President's life. He went to far as to write, "In fact, the President does not need Congressional authority to respond." Congress' power is the power of the purse. Dean wrote, "While Congress cannot put strings on the money it authorizes, its power to fund is a significant power nonetheless."

I find it interesting the only time Dean gets any hearing is when he's bashing Republicans.

"Examining the President's Powers to Fight Terrorism"

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Posted by Sean Hackbarth in Terrorism at 01:23 PM | Comments (4)