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April 04, 2006

Charlie's Show Prep #67

  • Rep. will leave Congress. No loss to me. He was a big-spending Republican. However, expect him to becomes a very powerful lobbyist. He's spent years building connections and handing out political favors. He'll be cashing them in. The short-term lesson is for local Democratic prosecutors to launch politically-motivated investigation of GOP Congressional leaders. If there's some smoke, as in DeLay's case, they just might force a few more into resigning. The "Democrats' politics of personal destruction" isn't good for the body politic, not that what DeLay did was great either.

  • It's Election Day in Wisconsin. Bring photo ID to the polls if you haven't registered lately. In the race for my Washington County board representative I don't like either candidate. Both Gerald Schulz and Allen Blank approved of extending the county's half-cent sales tax.

  • The Cheddarsphere gets it first scalp.

  • Patrick McIlheran found an environmental nut more morbid than . A Finn named Pentti Linkola advocates eugenics, totalitarianism, and dictatorship all in the name of population control and protecting the earth from the evil humans.

  • The UAW could only get 30 people to show up to protest the CEO. A sign of labor impotence?

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