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April 14, 2006

Charlie's Show Prep #75

  • The road builders say there isn't enough money for southeast Wisconsin highways. I weep--not really. Want to talk about waste? Does it make sense putting four lanes on Hwy 53 between Eau Claire and Superior? I've driven that stretch countless times. It isn't a sprawling growth area in need of more transportation dollars. Still need more cash? Shut down UW-Superior.

  • Six retired generals want 's head on a stake.

  • Only one-in-five Americans have a favorable view of Islam. [via OTB]

  • In Pennsylvania, there's a contrast in university reactions to students' voicing their concerns about immigration. [via SCSU Scholars]

  • A certain still-unnamed GOP rep who called southeast Wisconsin conservatives "stormtroopers" hasn't shown his feathers yet.

  • A grand jury is examining if perjured himself when he testified about steroids use.

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