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May 02, 2006

Plame Worked on Iran Nuke Issue

James Joyner comments on the story that Valarie Plame was working on Iranian nuclear issues when she was outed by Bob Novak:

Whoever blew her identityĖand itís far from clear that Rove was the first to do so, even discounting the fact that Aldridge Aimes had already done so years beforeĖruined whatever prospects she had for returning to work as an undercover officer in the future. Thatís a bad thing. Depending on intent and the sequence of events, itís also illegal. Peter Fitgerald and company are working on that angle as we speak. As Matt Drudge would say, itís ďDEVELOPING . . . Ē

What the leak did not do, however, is damage Valerie Plame/Wilsonís ability to contribute her expertise as a desk officer at Langley. It did not, therefore, harm her ability to do whatever supervisory, managerial, and/or analytical work she was doing to track Iranís nuclear program. Indeed, she continued to work for the CIA for more than two years after the Novak story broke.

Further, no one Iím aware of has argued that our ability to track Iranís progress in gaining nuclear weapons is at issue, period. The problem is our decided lack of good options in responding to what we do know.

"Plame Working on Iran WMD When Outed"

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