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May 14, 2006

Tommy's Not Running

The buzz surrounding Tommy Thompson running to for governor went "kaput!" He's not running:

After serious consideration and many conversations with my family and people around Wisconsin, I have decided not to run for Governor this year. I have come to this conclusion for two simple reasons: my family's unanimous opposition against another campaign and because I am convinced that Mark Green is the right candidate to lead our party and will be victorious in November.

It was critical in my decision making to know that the Republican Party has Mark Green to lead Wisconsin forward again and return our state to the greatness we enjoyed when we were the pride and model of the nation.

I am privileged to accept the role as the honorary chairman of Mark's campaign because he knows that the strength of Wisconsin is found in our people. Mark has the vision, integrity and principles needed to bring the state and its people together.

Mark Green will put the state back on the right track. I will work tirelessly to campaign for Mark as we seek to restore the confidence and resolve that make Wisconsin great.

In between Tommy making some cash in his non-government life I hope he travels the state often to cheerlead for Mark Green. He's a tremendous campaigner who can really rally the troops.

UPDATE: Here is the Green campaign's statement:

Today, Congressman Mark Green, the Republican candidate for governor, announced that former Wisconsin Governor Tommy G. Thompson will serve as his campaign’s honorary chairman. Following this announcement, Green made the following statement:

“Twenty years ago, Wisconsin was headed in the wrong direction. Our taxes were too high, our businesses were leaving and people were talking about turning the lights off on Wisconsin. Despite the strength of our people, and the very history and heritage of our state, our future was in doubt.

“Tommy Thompson knew we could be so much more than we were in 1986. So, he took on the Madison establishment and special interests, and he won. Governor Thompson went on to re-establish Wisconsin as a national leader … reforming the welfare system and challenging the education establishment. He lowered taxes, and he rebuilt our economy to one of the strongest in the country.

“Today, Jim Doyle has our state pointed in the wrong direction. He trusts the special interests instead of the people, and he is holding Wisconsin back. I’m honored to have Tommy Thompson’s support and, as the honorary chairman of my campaign, he’ll be helping us to again retake our government for all the people of this great state.”

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Posted by Sean Hackbarth in Wisconsin at 07:55 PM | Comments (5)