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May 18, 2006

Charlie's Show Prep #98

  • The Stanley prison needs $5 million for it to meet code. The prison's builder gave a -controlled political organization $125,000. Chvala changed his vote. Now, he's sitting at home serving home detention while Scott Jensen will have to spend 15 months in prison.

  • Want to talk about civil war? Look at the Palestinian Authority. There are now competing security organizations.

  • Here come the "gun nuts." Let's hope the outdraws the piddly numbers from the NAACP convention last year.

  • UW System president Kevin Reilly fired his PR staff. Changing who spins things won't change the fact the system needs serious reform.

  • got his Super Bowl I ring back.

Posted by Sean Hackbarth in Wisconsin at 04:37 AM | Comments (4)